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Punith G C KarNa Year ago Really Great work. ats off to the team. o words to say. very best word for appreciation suits you people. Calvin Johnstone Year ago Does HBO assume that we want loadsa documentaries because there are only 7episodes. SenseiVince Year ago This episode topped the Battle of the Bastards. I did not expect any of this to happen, but dayum they did a fine job with this. Sound Logic Year ago This show has better visuals than most big budget effects driven films. Simply amazing crew all around. Go fund HBO millions of dollars if you want it exactly to your liking. eople need to stop complaining and just enjoy this amazing show. Yes it's not always perfect but look at all this effort put into one fight scene. John Grayson Year ago That whole battle looked amazing. The amount of work to pull of that battle, from props to CGI, was just glorious. The entire production team did an amazing job and I hope they get recognition for it. MrAtaguas Year ago How big was their budget for this sequence WOoooooosh. They didnt even know there were even fucking horses in the world until european arrived. The Mongols on the other hands, were the greatest horse riders, warrior in history of mankind.

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Staude) - Klos. Sandhausen: Knaller - Klingmann, Gordon, Kister, Paqarada (87. Badstuber), Alaba - Thiago, Alonso, Vidal - Robben (76. Veljkovic), Moisander, Santiago Garcia - Grillitsch (46. Heller) - Kleinheisler, Schipplock (65. Colak). Leipzig: Gulacsi - Bernardo (70. Burke), Orban, Compper, Halstenberg - Ilsanker, Demme - Keita, Forsberg - Werner (86. Brandy) - Daube, Kreilach - Skrzybski - Hedlund (65. Sonntag, 13. 0 Uhr Bochum: Riemann - Hoogland, Dawidowicz, Bastians, Perthel - Merkel, Stiepermann - Weilandt, Eisfeld, Wurtz - Mlapa. Schiedsrichter: Stegemann (Niederkassel). Montag, 20. 5 Uhr St. Pauli: Himmelmann - Hornschuh, Sobiech, Ziereis, Buballa - Nehrig, Buchtmann - Sobota, Dudziak - Duksch, Picault. Regensburg 1. FC Magdeburg 1:1 (0:0). 1.

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Dong Yi merenung dan mengingat pertanyaan Yeoning, apa yang membahayakan hidupnya. Ratu Inhyeon tampak terperanjat mendengar kesehatan Putera Mahkota, ia terlihat shock dengan fakta kalau Putera Mahkota kemungkinan besar tidak bisa memberikan keturunan. Ahn Sang gung berkata jika benar, ini berarti bencana. Ratu Inhyeon sadar, ini yang ditakuti oleh Jang Hee Bin selama ini, jika kebenaran terungkap maka akan membuat kedudukan Putera Mahkota Yun goyah. Inilah mengapa Hee Bin mati-matian menjaga rahasianya. Ahn Sang Gung tanya apa masalah ini harus diungkapkan. Paling tidak Yang Mulia harus berdiskusi dengan Suk Ui. Ratu Inhyeon berkata tidak, dia tidak ingin Dong Yi terlibat masalah ini, karena akan membuat Suk Ui dan P. Ratu Inhyeon minta Ahn Sang Gung merahasiakan ini sampai kita memiliki bukti yang pasti untuk membuktikan itu, kau sudah jelas. Yeoning seperti biasa mengantuk di kelas, ia bosan minta ampun dengan pelajarannya, Guru mengucapkan pelajaran dan murid2 mengulang seperti beo. Guru melihat P. Yeoning mengantuk dan menguap, guru mengeraskan suaranya untuk membangunkan P. Yeoning di kelasnya, ia ingin tahu kemampuan Yeoning di Jung Hak. Jang Hee Jae membenarkan, ia takut dengan kemampuan Yeoning dan mengirim orang untuk mengawasi, ternyata jangankan pelajaran tingkat menengah, bahkan pelajaran dasar, ribuan karakter (seribu karakter mandarin, pelajaran dasar anak SD) saja dia tidak bisa mengingatnya. Yeoning selama ini tinggal di kediaman pribadi sehingga sulit untuk mengikuti pelajaran. Jadi Jang Hee Bin tidak perlu cemas dengan kemampuan P. Tapi Hee Bin belum puas, ia ingin Sukjong juga mengetahuinya, Sukjong harus tahu kalau P. Yeoning bodoh dan semua orang di istana juga harus menyaksikannya sendiri.

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The Internet fans have at various points passionately declaimed that they're 100% done with the show for this or that reason, only for the show's ratings to jump after each supposedly unforgivable transgression. HBO isn't writing or marketing to the Internet fans. They are marketing to the broad audience, and the passionate, picky, and unforgiving Internet fandom is not a representative subset of same. Ending it with Jon's death created a lot of hype, but it was more of an angry hype. People were straight up pissed off about it in addition to being shocked. Also, the resurrection would have held more of a punch for the Unsullied if it had been done at the end of season 5 because they wouldn't have expected it as I'm sure most of them do now. However, I think that ending the season with Jon's death extended the hype by creating interest in filming reports and the length of Kit's hair, which keeps the series in people's minds longer during the hiatus. On the other hand, there are people who are losing interest in the series because it's become too dark and depressing, so ending the season with the resurrection would have created an eagerness for the new season for many of those viewers. They could have refused to comment or just simply state he was dead without insisting that he wasn't coming back. You say that bookwalkers are a marginal part of the audience, and I agree with that. But the only people for whom this ending would be a cliffhanger would be the bookwalkers that were not sure if Jon would be resurrected, and they are even a smaller part of the audience, given that they are a subset of the smallest group of fans. A cliffhanger would have been if we see Jon stabbed but still alive. It's not suspenseful, or a cliffhanger to categorically affirm that he is dead, dead, not coming back, done with story. Who is there to root for if Jon Snow is dead, dead. Why would the Unsullied believe Jon's death is any different than Ned's or Robb's when this story so far has killed and beaten down all the good guys. Because Thoros of Myr resurrected Dondarion two seasons ago. Few people remember that or even make the connection between Melissandre and Thoros. Plus everyone from HBO, and the show, insisted Jon was dead, dead.

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We need to value motherhood and parenthood much more highly than we do. Women shouldn't be forced to give up their careers to raise a child, or give up their child to have a career. And I'm not just talking about high-powered career women who are working to make payments on their BMW - I'm talking about the mothers who ride the bus two hours to their minimum wage job and are working for survival. I could go on and on about the minimum wage thing, but instead I'll recommend you read Barbara Erenrich's excellent book Nickled and Dimed. We also need to be able to take care of every unwanted child that results from an unplanned pregnancy. What about the babies with ridiculously expensive health problems? Or autism. Not to mention all the babies of women who just can't take care of them but are afraid or unwilling to just give them up to a stranger. Just talk to anyone working the foster care system, and it's very clear that we can't as a society take care of the kids that are being born today, and that's in a society where abortion is legal (but not necessarily easy to get). In order to have the freedom to dictate that your neighbor, or co-worker, or the homeless woman on the corner can't get an abortion, we have to take responsibility for those mothers and children. We re-elected our Democratic governor, Ted Kulongoski, who got the state through a difficult four years, even though the national Republican party threw tons of money at his opponent because it was seen as a vulnerable seat. Portland voters renewed both school and library funding levies and state voters rejected the two TABOR measures by huge margins. We've got a tough couple of years in front of us leading up to the next presidential election. I'm very happy that the checks and balances are back and that Bush isn't running all three branches of government anymore. I think the past couple years have shown everyone why our founding fathers set the government up as they did - too much power in any party's (or president's) hands is never a good thing. The 50th Anniversary of the First Prosthetic Heart Valve. Host: Janet Wright, MD Guest: Albert Starr, MD On the 50th anniversary of the first successful prosthetic mitral valve replacement, how far has cardiac surgery come, and where are we headed. What complications did Dr.

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Then, Wendt appeared with his former Cheers co-star John Ratzenberger on Last Comic Standing during the sixth season. Wendt also starred as Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman until November 2017. Condon began his journey playing a tag-along kid, but then he grew up into the All-American tough boy. Born of Cherokee Ancestry, Valencia was one of the uncredited external Little Rascals in the feature film. His older brother, Mathew Valencia, also works in the industry as a voice actor. Joseph wore a black hat, tan sweater, and shirt while acting as Jackie and can be spotted in the back row of the clubhouse scene. In 2010, Ashton was specifically thanked in the short film Wrong Night Stand. Modeling Agency. She began by being featured in local print advertisements, then, in 1989, she auditioned for a role in the movie Ghost Dad. Although she was considered too young for the role (being 3-years-old), Cosby liked her style, and so he made sure she was offered a part on his show, The Cosby Show. Then, Raven went on to play Stymie’s girlfriend in her first big screen role in the movie Little Rascals. These days, it is hard to come across anyone who is unfamiliar with the former Disney queen who captured the hearts of many in That’s So Raven and The Cheetah Girls. More recently, Raven came into her own as an adult and joined Whoopi Goldberg on The View. Eat, drink and enjoy life with the foodies of the world. Lately there have been a flood of movies about cult bands, forgotten local acts, and background players — and even a few docs, like Amy and Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, that have found new ways to approach some of the most popular musicians of the past half-century. Netflix has done so well with music-themed films that it commissioned its own, What Happened, Miss Simone? and thanks in part to art-house patrons, Blu-ray buyers, and premium-cable subscribers, the market for movies about musicians has become lucrative enough that even long-shelved projects like The Wrecking Crew and the arty Leon Russell sketch A Poem Is a Naked Person have seen the light of day. Most important, these documentaries (and exceptional concert films, in case you were wondering ) contain performances that are as essential to understanding these artists as any of their records.

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But the adults driven to exasperation are hardly role models. Matt’s mother and her live-in boyfriend seem as concerned for their own lives, and their cache of weed, as they are for the kids. And the future? Tim, Matt’s little brother, is the first to spot the body but shrugs it off, and he wantonly drowns his sister’s doll. His own drug-driven mania enables him to identify with the kids to whom he gives pot for free. But even he is startled by the hollowness of their lives. He confesses a despairing love for the woman he killed, but he sees no depth in the boy Samson, who strangled Jamie “because she was talking shit. Feck’s madness is born of passion, Samson’s of annoyance and indifference (“She was all right”). This is as bleak a vision of American life as we’ve had in contemporary cinema, and the kids’ amorality, festering in an old foothill community, can’t even be blamed on suburbia. Here I want just to show how Hunter, working with more elbow room than in the TV projects, enriches his plot with a tightly shaped, classical style. This concise framing is the scene’s establishing shot, introducing all three of the scene’s characters. Through whose awareness is the viewer experiencing the action. As Samson goes to the cooler and snaps out a can of beer, Tim watches as he lumbers down the aisle to the front counter. He refuses to give it and a quarrel starts, observed by Tim. Like Hitchcock, he gives us something to listen to and something different to watch. As the quarrel at the counter grows more heated offscreen, we see Tim slip to the cooler and swipe two beers. We see only Tim fumbling and his coat getting baggier. But we know he’s stealing, partly because he checks the security mirror.

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Book readers are ridiculously careless with book info in this thread. Especially that seem mundane or background knowledge, but explain a major fan theory that turns out to be true (like Jon Snow being rightful heir, which shouldn't have been on show watchers radar without book people planting information). I feel like Jon Snow being Dany's nephew was completely spoiled for me. So I guess the show writers are no different in relying on book knowledge. Case in point. I mean I personally don't mind all that much now that the shows are ahead, but the show should be standalone in explaining things. I mean I personally don't mind all that much now that the shows are ahead, but the show should be standalone in explaining things. thought this week Dany said the witch told her she was infertile. I also agree that people are just blurting out book info non-stop in this thread. What happened to our police thst used to keep this thread clean. Not sure who was doing it, but the beat downs have been misses. I am pretty sure Dany actually being able to have kids can happen. I started to post and discuss things much more once the show caught up. I started to post and discuss things much more once the show caught up. iatp. The good news is that by the time the next book is released no one will care about the show anymore because it will have been over for years. Every single elaborate fan theory discussed in this thread, the no book spoilers thread mind you, contains book knowledge spin. Whatever, I don't plan on reading the books so don't mind the Cliff Notes nuggets, and click on all the spoilers when people circle back and spoiler their book knowledge after getting called out, but it's still rude.

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You can't even control a city or your dragons, how are you expecting to control the 7 Kingdoms. Another thing she would suck at without Tyrion or Varys. She literally left the city after nearly being assassinated and is angry that it's all fallen into shambles. Then leaves after replacing the power structure with a police force of sell swords. Not a ruler. In fact all examples of her ruling have resulted in her citizens being massacred for like 2 seasons. She's also done with Mereen what she has done with Yunkai, Completely revolutionised a city, fought a brief rebellion and then left it behind replacing it with no other power structure. That does not change the fact that she is a complete idiot in some situations. Her arrogance and nativity has made me lose interest in her and her storyline. I warmed up to her now that she has Tyrion and Varys but still I'm a bit 'Meh'. If anything goes wrong it's only a few days' ride on dragon-back. She's fucking 14-15(? in the books and 18-19(? in the show at the end of the respected material. She's a damn child. I think someone under 20 that has a huge army from literally nothing but sufferage is nothing less than incredible. Even if she's against Jon, I could forgive that, since him and Sansa are unlikely to welcome her with open arms. She just needs to keep trying to do the right thing and listen to the people she's surrounded herself with.