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He also paid his tributes to the martyrs and expressed his deep condolences to the members of the bereaved families and appealed to the centre as well as the state governments to provide substantial ad sustainable help to the families as was done to the martyrs of Kargil War. Prof. Virender Gupta also expressed his great concern on training of the educated youth in the militant activities and increase in the local over ground supporters of militancy, who are providing all type of assistance to the militants and separatists. There is a general perception that Kashmiri youth is being groomed and motivated to join the militancy by some of the school, college and university teachers and by some religious preachers. Therefore, it is essential for the state government and the Central government security agencies to identify such elements and take them to task. Prof. Virender said that it is also a time when the separatist leaders be shown their way and the security provided to them be withdrawn. There is no justification in providing security to such persons, who dance on the tune of outside agencies and work to destroy the country. Providing security to these unscrupulous elements is a burden on the national exchequre and against the interests of the nation. Development work started in Janki Vihar BJP State Additional Publicity Secretary Praduman Singh, kick started the development work related to construction of lane in Janki Vihar in Janipur alongwith Janipur Mandal President Vijay Sharma and other activists of the party. Praduman Singh, while speaking to the local residents of the ward, said that the construction of lane has been started at the insistence of Jammu west MLA Sat Sharma, who has provided funds from his Constitue ncy Development Fund (CDF) and we all are highly thankful to him. Praduman Singh said that a number of development works have been initiated in entire constituency and the people are appreciating the sincere efforts of the party to ensure that each and every area gets due attention and share in matters related to development and extending the benefits of various welfare schemes.

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State vice president and Prabhari Social media Advocate Annu Behnal Ghai also had session on social media. JYM Rajouri District President Raja Rattan Singh organized the meeting at Kalar mandal in which District President BJP Danesh Sharma, BJYM State secretary and incharge District Rajouri Adv Gurdev Singh was also present. In RS Pura meeting was organized by BJYM District President AKASH CHOPRA at Arnia. MLC Vikram Randhawa, BJP District President Brijeshwar Singh Rana, Ex MLA Ashwani Sharma, BJYM Treasurer and Prabhari CA ANSHUL GUPTA graced the occasion. In Basholi the meeting was organized by BJYM District President Vikramaditya Singh at Mahanpur. MLA Bani Jiwan Lal, BJYM co-treasurer and co-incharge Basholi Narendra Pratap Singh graced the ocassion. In District Doda the meeting was organized by BJYM District President Manjeet Bhagat at Duk Bunglow Bhaderwah. Lalit Raina, State Executive member and co-incharge Adv Varun kotwal, BJP District President Manjeet Razdan and State Executive member BJYM Bishan were present on the occasion. In Nowshera the District working committee meeting was organized by BJYM District President Sham Mehra at Dharpur(Devak Mandal). In kishtwar the meeting was organized by BJYM District President Ranjeet Singh at Dak Bunglow Chatroo. BJP Minority Morcha State General secretary Tarik Keen, BJYM State Vice-President Ashish Sharma, State Executive Member Vikal Parihar and Rahul Bhandari was present on the occasion. In Jammu West meeting was organized by BJYM District President Ashish Sharma.

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But that’s not the best part. I’m going to play what comes next to you without saying anything because it’s so clear it almost requires no explanation. This has to be the part that plays when we see Jon and Dany’s child. I can’t explain why, but I just know that it has to be. But yeah, after that part, the Game of Thrones opening theme comes back in, mixing together with Jon and Dany’s theme for the final climax of the song, and most likely the very end of Game of Thrones. There are no sad notes in this song, which points to both of them surviving, and yes, guys, I never thought David and Dan would go this route. I was of the same mindset as many of you that we would not get a Disney ending, but after listening to this song and really thinking about it, it starts to make sense. We tell ourselves that we don’t want this happy ending because Game of Thrones has made us so jaded, but if you really think about it, deep inside, this is what we want. A show like this, with so much tragedy, needs some sort of catharsis at the end, or else we will never feel satisfied and trust me, contrary to what many of you are thinking right now, there will be plenty of bitter to this sweet. Let’s go back to where I was going a few minutes ago with the whole Jon and Dany not staying in King’s Landing thing. I think that could also be part of the bittersweet ending. We’ve been waiting and hoping for so long to see the final person who will sit on the iron throne at the end.

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HENRY HERBERT b. May 18, 1939, Pembroke, Wales, United Kingdom; d. He directed the features Malachi’s Cove (1974) starring Donald Pleasance and Emily (1976) with Koo Stark. His films as a producer included Christopher Menaul’s Feast of July (1995). He also directed the gay-themed short films Fabian’s Freak Show (1994) and Franci’s Persuasion (1995). Herman-Wurmfeld directed episodes of Stella and noTORIous as well as the unsold pilot for a Legally Blonde series. Returning for The Facts of Life movie were Lisa Welchel, Charlotte Rae, Kim Fields, and Mindy Cohn. An actor, writer, and producer, Herzfeld has written many of the feature-length projects he has directed. Sarafian’s version of Splendor in the Grass (1981), Daryl Duke’s Hard Feelings (1982), Robert Greenwald’s On Fire (1987), and other feature and TV projects. Herzfeld won a Daytime Emmy Award for the 1980 Afterschool Specials presentation of Stoned, featuring Scott Baio and the director in a supporting part. Herzfeld won a Directors Guild of America Award and was nominated for an Emmy for directing Don King: Only in America. In Daddy, Dermot Mulroney and Patricia Arquette are high school teens unprepared for her pregnancy and their marginalization by their families and society.

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While lesser regarded than the star-studded, more commercial “ The Outsiders,” “ Rumble Fish ” is the much more accomplished work. Much more overtly experimental, expressionistic and leaning heavily on the French New Wave, the film is a bold, moody and starkly black and white exploration of teen angst and disenchantment. Co-starring Coppola muse Diane Lane and Dennis Hopper with appearances by Nicolas Cage, Laurence Fishburne and Tom Waits, Coppola wrote the screenplay with Hinton during their off days shooting “The Outsiders” (how’s that for multitasking? . Style threatened to overwhelm substance in Coppola’s films many times during his career (“One From The Heart” being a prime example), and “Rumble Fish” is a polarizing work in the Coppola canon in this regard. The filmmaker himself saw the film as his deserved artistic treat for delivering the more conventional studio effort of “The Outsiders” (Coppola was a card-carrying member of the “one for them, one for me” club). A passion project of superproducer Robert Evans, who had designed the film as his own directorial debut, no expense had been spared on the lavish preproduction, including hiring Coppola, along with William Kennedy, to rewrite Mario Puzo ’s screenplay. Spending way too much time on the vacant love triangle between three thinly drawn, blank white protagonists ( Richard Gere ’s trumpet player, Diane Lane ’s ambitious moll and James Remar ’s vicious mobster Dutch Schultz), and relegating the much more interesting race and class issues to the status of subplot, background noise or “local color,” the film suffers from a lack of internal momentum and feels curiously undramatic. Perhaps that’s because all the drama happened offscreen: “ Apocalypse Now ” gets the press for its nightmarish production, but “The Cotton Club” (in addition to Evans’ conviction for cocaine trafficking, which happened a couple of years before filming began) also saw massive cost overruns, which Coppola and Evans would blame each other for in the acrimonious legal wrangling that followed the film’s underperformance. And it even had a murder, when one of the film’s backers (not the Arab arms dealer, a different one! was shot repeatedly in the head and then blown up with dynamite in a contract killing commissioned by a colleague angry at being squeezed out of a producer’s role. And it works surprisingly well, as Peggy Sue feels like a real woman and is given a kind of agency that is not just due to her modernity, when she gets mysteriously transported back her 1950s teenagerhood, but that marks her out as a quirky, individual character; a woman of disappointed dreams and untapped potential.